Assembling Solutions

For System Integration projects RODOMACH takes responsibility for the entire installation, which includes engineering, construction and intelligent linking of various technologies, components and systems. We develop and build our installations with process control and automation that contribute to efficiency. Interfaces with ERP and other support systems ensure fast and reliable transmission of information. The information flows in two directions between ERP and PLC systems in the control cabinet of the installation.

Automatic Screw System - Rodomach Speciaalmachines.jpg

Automatic Screw System

RODOMACH developed an assembly installation for window frame profiles. It is developed for a wide range of product dimensions and has doubled the production.

Automatic Screw System
Boxing C-profiles - Rodomach Speciaalmachines.jpg

Boxing installation C-profiles

Mass volume, constant product quality and less operators are some of the requirements for boxing installation for C profiles (warehouse / racking industry).

Boxing C-profiles
Latch Lever Assembly - Rodomach Speciaalmachines.jpg

Latch Lever Assembly Automotive seating

For high volume automotive seating parts with high quality demands RODOMACH developed and delivered an assembly installation for latch levers.

Latch Lever Assembly
Saw System for Doorframe - Rodomach Speciaalmachines.jpg

Saw System for Doorframe

RODOMACH have developed a saw system for the production of steel sections for window frames.

Saw System for Doorframe
Window Frames Production - Rodomach Speciaalmachines.jpg

Window Frames Production

RODOMACH have developed a modular and efficient installation for the automatic production of sections for window frames.

Window Frames Production