RODOMACH is a system Integrator and manufacturer of standard and dedicated machines with focus on welding and handling processes. Our drive is to develop and deliver creative, innovative and reliable solutions to our customers.

We are an expert in the development, construction and installation of dedicated machines and robot systems combined with components like fixture assembly, gripper systems and peripherals. Our product range includes robotic systems incorporating high-class components. It also includes standard machines and modules up to completely automated production lines. Our dynamic approach combined with highly qualified and experienced engineers results in a strong team.

        RODOMACH is specialist in developing and supplying innovative and high end welding solutions. Focus on sustainable and reliable solutions is our strength!

       RODOMACH is your reliable partner for innovative welding solutions. Partnership, trust and challenging each other is finally the road to common success in business.

        RODOMACH is developing innovating solutions for the future with the aim to deliver new technologies and success to our customers.