The software which guarantees the shortest and easiest work preparation

With the CAD/CAM software “PillowPlateCreator” provided with the machine, any required shape can be welded or engraved. An AutoCAD drawing serves as the basis, which must be made with layers in accordance with a defined structure. The translation into a machine file will then take place fully automatically. The advanced CAD post processor will automatically convert a CAD drawing to a laser welding program complying with all requirements imposed on a Pillow Plate. Closing joints, spots, serpentines, texts, rounding off, upslope, downslope and overlap are generated automatically.


Preparing - PillowPlateCreator™ - Rodomach
After engineering the product in an AutoCAD drawing it will have to be converted into a DXF file. With this unique user-friendly software, the conversion of a DXF file into a machine file will be done automatically. This can be done during the welding process on another PC.

User interface

User interface - PillowPlateCreator™ - Rodomach
Within the user interface it is easy to open a DXF file, to start the conversion, to view the conversion statistics, to define parameters, to start the machine and to simulate the machine. The screen clearly shows the current status and progress. Experience in programming is not required.


Preview - PillowPlateCreator™ - Rodomach
The preview has three modes: Displaying found objects, displaying converted objects and displaying the progress of the machine process. Through highlighting in various colors and a zoom functionality, the user will get a clear overview. After the preview it is possible to weld the Pillow Plate.

RFID Reader with multiple keys

In order to secure the certain operator levels in the software of the machine and you don’t want to use passwords, you can supply each operator with an RFID key. Through different user levels, certain functions and parameters are protected.