Production line for window frames - Rodomach

Production line for window frames

RODOMACH have developed a modular and efficient installation for the automatic production of steel sections for window frames. The installation enables the customer to produce with a maximum of flexibility small series of different dimensions of window frames. To decrease the number of operators the loading and unloading of parts is executed automatically.

The installation for steel sections of window frames is dedicated for several profile geometries and window frame dimension requirements. By automatically supply of the profiles into the installation, the integrated processes for cutting, punching and bending the profiles are pre-processed for the welding operation. In the welding area the brackets are loaded automatically from the bowl feeder and positioned accurate. When after the brackets are positioned the Medium Frequency welding process starts. Finally the welded section window frames are unloaded automatically from the production line into the unloading area.

Production line for window frames - Rodomach Speciaalmachines
Window Frames Production - Rodomach Speciaalmachines

High output and reliable production process

  • Automatically supply of profiles and brackets;
  • Optimal integration of different processes;
  • Integration of internal logistic process;
  • Online control and service;
  • High visual and welding quality;
  • Traceability (by marking unique product codes).

High flexibility

  • Flexible product lengths;
  • Variable dimensions in length of window frames;
  • Different geometries of profiles;
  • Automatically adjustments / change-over of machine;
  • Communication with ERP software (automatically order input).

High levels of quality and safety

  • Medium frequency welding;
  • Controlled processes for cutting, punching and bending;
  • High ergonomic and safety measurements.