Boxing installation for racking beams

Mass volume, constant product quality and less operators are some of the requirements for boxing installation for C profiles (warehouse / racking industry). To achieve these requirements RODOMACH developed a high automated boxing installation. Loaded from the decoille and roll forming installation the profiles are transported into the boxing installation.

The boxing installation is developed for a wide product range in geometry and length of profiles and combines processes like length and force measurement, clinching and strapping. After the boxing process is executed and the profiles are bundled automatically the bundle of boxed profiles is transported to the arc welding installation for welding the connectors to the profiles.


High output and reliable production process

  • Developed for mass production;
  • Automatic supply of profiles;
  • Integration of different processes like clinching, measuring, strapping;
  • Integration of internal logistic processes;
  • Online control and service;

High flexibility

  • Flexible product lengths;
  • Variable dimensions in length and geometry of profiles;
  • Automatic adjustments / change-over of machine;
  • Communication with ERP software (automatic order input).

High level of quality and safety

  • No operators required;
  • Controlled processes by measuring roll formed length of profiles and pressing force for boxing;
  • High ergonomic and safety measurements.