Automatic Screw System - Rodomach Speciaalmachines

Automatic Screw System

RODOMACH developed and delivered an assembly installation for window frame profiles. It is developed for a wide range of product dimensions and has doubled the production speed.

The system is designed with an operator position for inserting and removing profiles. The operator must clamp the profile with a pneumatically actuated 120-degree clamping unit which can be closed manual. After release of the station via start button, the profiles are clamped pneumatically and will be moved to the screwing position. During the screwing process the operator can load and unloaded the profiles. The complete screw unit, mounted on an NC axis, is equipped with servo screw modules. The user device visualizes the product length and the number of screws for easy to use operation.

Automatic Screw System - Rodomach Speciaalmachines

High output and reliable production process, quality and safety

  • Optimal integration / balance between operator and process
  • Online control and service
  • High product quality
  • High ergonomic 

  • Developed for many product variants
  • Optimized production quality
  • Optimal accessibility for maintenance
  • User friendly user interface