Saw system for doorframe profiles

RODOMACH have developed a saw system for the production of steel sections for window frames. The machine enables the customer to produce with a maximum of flexibility of different dimensions of window frame profiles. 

The saw system for steel sections of window frame profiles is dedicated for several profile geometries and window frame dimension requirements. The profiles are automatically positioned at the input side. A smart clamping system clamps and supports the profiles perfectly so that an accurate saw cut is realized. The large saw blade is mounted on a linear carriage and has a programmable feed-rate depending on the position of the profile. 

- Adjustment range for profile width Dimensions (up to outer dimension 900 mm)
- Maximum profile height (150 mm)
- Maximum profile length (4000 mm)

Please check the video below and If you want more information about this sawing system, please contact us.  

High output and reliable production process

  • Online control and service;
  • High visual and cutting quality;

High flexibility

  • Flexible product lengths;
  • Variable dimensions in length of window frames;
  • Different geometries of profiles;

High levels of quality and safety

  • High speed cutting
  • Controlled processes for cutting
  • High ergonomic and safety measurements.