Latch Lever Assembly Line - Rodomach Speciaalmachines

Latch Lever Assembly

For high volume automotive seating parts with high quality demands RODOMACH developed and delivered an assembly installation for latch levers. The installation exists of several manual work / assembly stations including i.e. supply of grease, mounting aids, spin riveting process, testing and control equipment. To ensure highest product- and process quality and avoid mistakes by operators each station is equipped with intelligence for controlling the process.

Each part is 100% checked by a dedicated checking / control station and finally transported automatically to the OK conveyor.

Latch Lever Assembly - Rodomach Speciaalmachines

High output and reliable production process

  • Status notification of loaded / unloaded fixtures to the stations;
  • Optimal integration / balance between operator and process;
  • Mounting processes by operators;
  • Online control and service;
  • High product quality.

Mass Production

  • Developed for 1 product variant;
  • Optimized production sequence;
  • Intelligence on each fixtures;
  • Communication with ERP software (automatically order input).

High level of quality and safety

  • Validation of processes and parameters at RODOMACH test centre;
  • Monitoring each process (OK / NOK monitoring);
  • Poke Yoke philosophy;
  • High ergonomic and safety measurements;
  • Optimal accessibility for maintenance.