Production line for Side Members

Responsible for the entire process chain at manufacturing of seating side members. Using standard resistance welding cells and arc welding cell combined with robot handling and dedicated nut welding stations (incl. automatically feeding of nuts). The standard arc welding robot cells positioned in line and connected with external conveyors. The standard spot welding cell with positioners and automatically unloading by handling robot. Followed by some dedicated nut welders for secure positioning and accurate projection welding of the nuts. All machines connected with the internal logistics at customer premises. From "Start up to End " of process managed by RODOMACH. Total System Integration for high demand environment! with proved technology.

Side members installation - Rodomach Speciaalmachines

High output and reliable production process

  • Optimal integration of standard modular arc- and resistance welding cells;
  • Integration of nut feeders and internal logistic process;
  • Online control and service;
  • High welding quality.

High flexibility

  • Arc- and spot welding by robots;
  • Turn table with auxiliary axes;
  • Handling by robots;
  • Fast change-over of fixtures;
  • Communication with ERP software.

High levels of quality and safety

  • Cold Metal Transfer welding (CMT);
  • Resistance welding (AC);
  • Automatically nut feeding;
  • Monitoring the arc welding process (RCU);
  • Poka Yoke (failure control);
  • High ergonomic and safety measurements.