Lathe R2000

For this project RODOMACH developed a specialized lathe with a movable traverse-unit mounted on the frame. The tailstock of the lathe is equipped with a spindle system to tension the product between the four-jaw chucks or center points. The lathe and traverse unit work as stand-alone and is equipped with a cabinet and PLC. The HMI works with a touchscreen. The operator can choose different product types with corresponding pre-set for turning speed and speed of the traverse.

Lathe R2000 - Rodomach Speciaalmachines


  • Maximum product weight of 2000 Kg
  • Product length from 600 mm to 4000 mm
  • Product diameter up to 800 mm
  • Rotation speed of 600 rpm

Advantages RODOMACH positioners

  • Using ‘world class’ components
  • Ergonomically loading / unloading
  • Heavy duty
  • Customer specific specifications


  • Stand alone
  • Highly accurate
  • Outstanding ergonomic 
  • Optimal accessibility for maintenance