Laser welding installation for Meijer Diamond tools in Holland

This is the full automatic laser welding installation developed by RODOMACH and Meijer Diamond Tools in Holland. The laser welding installation exists of a loading and unloading area for the operator and a welding area. From the loading area the tube of the diamond tool is transported by a robot into the laser cabin. A main frame with servo controlled rotation axis with centering jig for the drills is placed in the laser cabin. Diamond segment feed is provided by a vibratory filler while a positioning robot places the segments on the drill. From there a laser, equipped with laser optics and gas protection, weld the segments on the drill. The installation is equipped with laser source of 2KW with servo controlled axis for movement during the welding process. After the drill is welded it will be transported to the unloading area. The installation is prepared for drill diameters from 10 mm to 350 mm, and drill lengths from 60 mm to 1000 mm. A hollow shaft in the main frame rotation axis gives the possibility to produce a drill with a length of 3000 mm with a maximum diameter of 250 mm. 

Laser welding installation for Meijer Diamond tools in Holland
Laser welding installation for Meijer Diamond tools in Holland

Reliable production process

  • Automatically feeding
  • Optimal integration of different processes (i.e. feeding, clamping, welding, adjusting)
  • Online control and service
  • High visual and welding quality
  • External measuring of laser power
  • Outstanding human machine interface.

Maximal flexibility

  • Wide range of product dimensions (diameter from 10 to 350 mm and length from 60 to 1000 mm.);
  • CAD / CAM environment means easily creating new welding patterns and programs;
  • Fast change-over of machine;

High levels of quality and safety

  • Fiber laser equipment (2KW);
  • Controlled proccess for laser welding;
  • Dedicated and secure clamping device (incl. gas protection);
  • High ergonomic and safety measurements.