Standard Welding Cell

The RODOMACH compact cells have an innovative design and a user friendly control system.
The complete cells are assembled on a stable welded base frame. Because of this, they can be transported easily to an other location on your shopfloor or even relocated to another establishment of your company. The dimensions are depending on the required application.
Our compact cells can be used as stand-alone, combined with other cells or even upgraded to an even more flexible high volume production solution.

Standard compact robot cells

RODOMACH compact robot cells can be delivered with or without welding fixtures and corresponding process integration. When you choose the "full package", Rodomach will take the complete project responsibility. In this way we will deliver a complete operational machine which enables you to start up production directly after commissioning.

Standard Welding Cell - Rodomach Speciaalmachines

Main components which are integrated in the cells

  • Process equipment;
  • Protective / safety equipment;
  • Turn table / auxilary axes;
  • Robot(s);
  • Operator interface (HMI);
  • PLC control.

Various applications can be integrated into the robot system

  • Gluing;
  • Arc- and resistance welding;
  • Joining (riveting, clinching);
  • Automatical loading / unloading.

High quality and safety level

  • Standard world class components;
  • Robust machine- and jig frames;
  • High flexibility;
  • Short delivery times;
  • User friendly user interface;
  • Remote service.