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RODOMACH has started in 1997 as a machine builder of special machines for several markets by the current owner of the company Roel Doornebosch. In the last 10 years we kept more focus on standard arc welding machines and special installations related to joining technologies. Most common joining technologies at RODOMACH are arc, resistance and laser welding technology. Other expertise of us are assembling solutions and handling processes.

We are serving and providing a wide range of markets and segments. In general our automotive and non-automotive customers has all an common and comparable DNA like i.e: high demands and requirements for quality and reliability, high production standards and high level of production volumes.

Roel Doornebosch |
General Manager



Providing our European customers the most reliable and innovative solutions in Automotive- and non-Automotive industry.  

Ben Te Kamp |
Operations Manager



Customer satisfaction in respect to service and aftersales. Strongly performance oriented in terms of cost and project deadlines to ensure that our customers will get the best value for money when buying our machines. Building and developing an professional organization to create customer trust and long term relationships.

Jurgen Jutten | Engineering Manager



Maximal focus on quality in the entire project chain. Starting with project requirements and development up to finalizing projects at our customer premises. Always with the best quality, optimal solutions, without delay and agreed performance is my aim for each RODOMACH project.