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Spot welding 

RODOMACH has over 15 years experience with resistance welding processes. Depending of product geometries and product demands resistance welding variants like spot welding, projection welding and medium frequency (MF) welding can be integrated in standard resistance welding cells of RODOMACH and in dedicated machines.

Standard spot welding cells are build on stable welded base frames which enables easily transport and re-location. Above all it enables to assemble easily main components like i.e. robot(s) with welding equipment, turn table with eventually auxillary axes, controls and safety equipment like fencing and roll doors.

Defining the required ressitance welding process is normally strongly depending of the product- en process demands. The resistance welding process can be divided in "normal" spot welding or projection welding technology. Beside of these process variants the difference can be found in 50Hz (AC) or 1000Hz (Medium Frequency) welding.