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Tilting Turntable with integrated measurement system

RODOMACH developed a flame spray robot cell with high precision tilting turntable with integrated measurement system for our partner FST Flame Spray Technology. The system is designed for thermal flame spraying of labyrinth seals of turbine parts for the aerospace industry. The manipulator is customized for this specific project and has a payload of 500 kg, can be tilted from -90 to +90 degrees and the turn table has a maximum speed of 300 rpm. For high precision parts of the aerospace industry we developed a measuring system for layer thickness measurement of the flame spray process. 

Advantages RODOMACH positioners

  • Ergonomically loading / unloading
  • High precision and Heavy duty
  • Manipulator integrated in robot controller or as standalone system
  • Optimal accessibility for maintenance
  • Customer specific specifications


  • Handling capacity 500 [kg]
  • Table rotation speed 0-300 [rpm]
  • Hollow shaft in rotary table
  • Max. Backslash rotary table 0.08 [deg]
  • Max. Backslash tilting <0.1 [deg]