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Lathe with turntable R2000

For this project RODOMACH developed a specialized lathe with integrated turntable. The tailstock of the lathe is equipped with a spindle system to tension the product between the three-jaw chucks or center points. The lathe works in corporation with an ABB robot. Movements, speeds, accelerations can be controlled from the robot's flexpendant. The operator can choose different product types with corresponding pre-set for turning speeds.


  • Maximum product weight of 1500 Kg
  • Product length from 600 mm to 2750 mm
  • Product diameter up to 1000 mm
  • Rotation speed of 600 rpm

Advantages RODOMACH positioners

  • Using ‘world class’ components
  • Ergonomically loading / unloading
  • Heavy duty
  • Customer specific specifications


  • Corporation with ABB
  • Highly accurate
  • Outstanding ergonomic 
  • Optimal accessibility for maintenance