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Laser welding Pillow Plates

A laser welding installation with integrated feeding and transport of products for pillow plates. Typical important improvements of the installation are the accurate positioning and secure clamping of the product in the welding area. For the laser equipment RODOMACH decided for providing a 2 KW fiber laser including "auto adjusting focus" of the laser optic. Together with improving the clamping devices and improvements on the gas cross yet for 360° gas protection of the welding surface RODOMACH succeed in developing a robust new generation for key hole laser welding of thermo plates.


High output and reliable production process

High flexibility

High levels of quality and safety

  • Automatically feeding of stainless steel sheets;
  • Optimal integration of different processes (i.e. feeding, clamping, welding, adjusting);
  • Online control and service;
  • High visual and welding quality;
  • External measuring of laser power.
  • Wide range of product dimensions (max. 2000 x 8000 mm);
  • Wide range of product sheet tickness dimensions (0,8 / 0,8 till 2 / 20 mm);
  • CAD / CAM environment means easily creating new welding patterns and programs;
  • Special software "Thermo plate Creator" for standard and new programs;
  • Automatically adjustments / change-over of machine;
  • Communication with ERP software (automatical order input).
  • Fiber laser equipment (2KW)
  • Controlled proccess for laser welding;
  • Automatically measuring of laser optic by start of every weld;
  • High ergonomic and safety measurements.