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Laser Welding Machine Input Shaft 

This is the laser welding machine for the production of an input shaft, developed by RODOMACH. The components must be placed in a sequence from the automatic laser welding cell to the semi-manual stations and vice versa. The concept is based on a one man operated machine.

The laser welding cell is equipped with a Rofin 2 kW laser source and Precitec optics. The cell is completely laser welding light-proof. Three different jigs ensures secure and precise positioning of the semi-finished components. All three jigs are designed to maximize the visibility of the parts for the operator during the loading process. The semi-manual station is equipped with linear guidance and a carrier, which slides the component to execute the different operations such as; laser marking, brushing, mounting and lubrication of the rubber seals. Each station indicates whether the operation is completed successfully or not.

At the end of the production the product will be tested for leakage and movement hysteresis. In the same station it will be laser marked with a unique QR-code.  

 Reliable production process

  • Optimal integration of different processes for example: feeding, clamping, welding and adjusting
  • Online control and remote service
  • High welding quality specifications
  • External laser power measurement
  • Outstanding human machine interface (HMI)

Unique Selling Points

• Fast moving rolling door
• Semi-manual system with laser marking, brushing, mounting and lubrication-units
• All jigs are designed to maximize the visibility

 High levels of quality and safety

  • 2 kW Fibre laser 
  • Controlled proccess for laser welding
  • Dedicated and secure clamping device, including gas protection.
  • High precision integrated measuring and testing station.