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Laser welding installation Input Shaft Gearbox

This is the full laser welding installation for an input shaft of a gearbox developed by RODOMACH. The installation is based on a complete operation of the machine by one operator. The laser welding cell is equipped with a Rofin laser source and a precitec optic. The cell is closed by a fast-moving rolling door. The products must be placed in a sequence from the automatic welding cell to manual stations and vice versa.

The manual installation frame is provided with linear guidance with a carrier. This carrier carries the product and must be pushed manually from one to the next station. Operations such as lasermarking, brushing, mounting and lubrication takes place automatically.

 Reliable production process

  • Optimal integration of different processes (i.e. feeding, clamping, welding, adjusting)
  • Online control and service
  • High visual and welding quality
  • External measuring of laser power
  • Outstanding human machine interface.

Unique Selling Points

• Fast moving rolling door
• Semi-manual system with laser marking, brushing, mounting and lubrication-units
• All jigs are designed to maximize the visibility

 High levels of quality and safety

  • Fibre laser source with servo controlled Y-X Axis.
  • Controlled proccess for laser welding;
  • Dedicated and secure clamping device (incl. gas protection);
  • High precision integrated measuring and testing station.