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Laser welding End Caps of Towel Radiators 

The laser welding installation exists of a loading area for the operator. After loading the single components and releasing the installation the welding process starts. The laser optic with gas protection, is mounted on Y-Z servo driven lineair axes which ensures high precision operation and maximum flexibility for all types of manifolds and end caps. The installation is equipped with a laser ource of 2 KW with one optic. The clamping unit at both ends ensures secure positioning of the end cap and manifold during the welding process. 

 Reliable production process

  • Manually feeding of stainless steel manufolds and end caps;
  • Optimal integration of different processes (i.e. feeding, clamping, welding, adjusting);
  • Online control and service;
  • High visual and welding; quality;
  • External measuring of laser power;

   Maximal flexibility 

  • Wide range of manifolds geometries (round, square, rectangular, assymetical);
  • CAD / CAM environment means easily creating new welding patterns and programs;
  • Fast change-over of machine;
  • Communication with ERP software (automatical order input).

 High levels of quality and safety

  • Fiber laser equipment (2KW);
  • Controlled proccess for laser welding;
  • Dedicated and secure clamping device (incl. gas protection);
  • High ergonomic and safety measurements.