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CNC Fluting Machine 

RODOMACH developed a high speed automatic fluting machine for our partner DPT. The machine is specially developed for fluting a great variety of rolls with a weight till 6500 kg. All diameters till 813mm can be machined. One of the main characteristics of this machine is the impressive machining speed. The back stroke of the machine runs at a speed of 1,8 meter per second. The cutting speed is completely variable which means that the speed at entrance and exit of the material can be adjusted to a lower value then the rest of the roll. In this way the machine will have a cycle time of about 2,5 times less than standard machines of our competitors. Beside that the machine is able to run after startup, without operator interference. This is able by using an automatic tool changer with 12 tools. Beside that the tools will be sharpened completely automated by a robotized grinding process. 

Advantages RODOMACH CNC fluting machine

  • Ergonomically loading / unloading
  • High precision and Heavy duty
  • Optimal accessibility for maintenance
  • Increased production speed of 40%
  • Customer specific specifications


  • Rolls up to 6500 [kg]
  • Diameters till 813 [mm]
  • Fluting speed of 1.8 [m/s]
  • Tool changer with 12 tools.
  • Automatic length compensation