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Partners of RODOMACH

RODOMACH is working together with other companies to increase our knowledge and to join in different markets. It is a goal to achieve partnership with our customers.

Since 2007 AFPT is the leading company for thermoplastic tape placement equipment. Based on this experience we deliver: Tape Winding & Tape Placement Equipment Product Development of thermoplastic components high quality fibre-reinforced thermoplastic products likeringstubes / pipes / pressure vessels

FST is a dynamic, innovative, experienced and hands-on thermal spray company committed to quality and customer             service. FST has always been at the forefront of supplying the Thermal Spray industry.

Major suppliers of RODOMACH

ABB is a leading player in the market for industrial robots. ABB puts a strong emphasis on creating solutions and helping clients to translate in terms of productivity, product quality and ensuring safety for employees.

YASKAWA is the largest manufacturer of industrial robots with more than 230,000 robots installed around the world. The extensive assortment of robots includes models for clean room applications, in addition to specially adapted variants for individual applications such as welding, palletising, paint operations and handling.

As world market leader for robot welding and technological leader worldwide for arc- and resistance spot-welding the FRONIUS organisation has a mastery of the entire spectrum: MMA, TIG, MIG/MAG, plasma and Laser Hybrid.

TRUMPF is a world leader in industrial lasers and laser system technology. TRUMPF laser technology encompasses CO2 lasers, solid-state lasers, marking lasers and laser systems. It is difficult to find a manufacturing application that is not suitable for laser technology. For every industrial application we have the right laser and the right technology to manufacture products innovatively and cost-efficiently.

With 40 years of experience in laser technology, ROFIN has successfully focused its strategy on being an innovative leader in the industrial laser market and has consistently demonstrated its determination to deliver the most powerful and innovative manufacturing tools to a wide range of industries.