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Pillow Plates Laser welding

Pillow Plates, also called dimple plates or thermo plates, consists of two stainless steel sheets that are laser welded together by welding a custom circle weld pattern. Then the plate is inflated by using water pressure, which creates a specific single or double embossed profile – the pillow plate, through which the cooling or heating is conducted. The thickness and the spot pattern are determined by the pressure requirements.

Pillow plates can be used for a large range of products, such as heat exchangers, filter housings, tanks and many other processes. They can also be used for various industries for example food and beverage industries and other food-making and process industries. The pillow plate can be used in cylindrical tanks, as well as in tanks of other shapes and designs, for example rectangular or oval ones. The surface can be brushed, polished or sandblasted.

The RODOMACH laser welding machine is integrated with a feeding and transport system for the pillow plates. Typical specifications of the machine are the accurate positioning and secure clamping of the product in the welding area. RODOMACH equippes the machine with a 2 KW fibre laser including "auto adjusting focus" of the laser optic. Together with the clamping devices and improvements on the gas cross jet for the 360° gas protection of the welding surface, RODOMACH has succeeded in developing a robust new generation for key hole laser welding of thermo plates. Dimensions and surface finishing is depends on the customer’s specifications and requirements. RODOMACH delivers this machine to manufacturers of pillow plates with state-of-the-art technology.