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Mile stones:

1997 | The current owner Roel Doornebosch founded the RODOMACH organisation.

1999 | Focus on service and delivery of dedicated machines.

2001 | The first standard Arc welding is developed by RODOMACH and delivered to our automotive customer.

2004 | Beside Standard Arc welding projects the first standard Resistance welding machine is developed.

2008 | In addition to intensive market approach to the Dutch and German market, this year started the marketing

           activities in Poland and Slovakia.

2010 | First laser welding installation for heat exchangers is delivered.

2013 | RODOMACH is moving to the current production facility at the Hamburgweg Deventer.

2014 | New approach to main market segments like warehouse, building and heating industry in Europe.

2015 | First robotic laser welding installation for design radiators is delivered to the Russian market.

2016 | Delivery of the first automated riffle installation to the Spanish market. Number of employees at RODOMACH is 

           increasing to 30 employees.